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Author: Mundane - 2021



Mundane clothing releases new drop and teams up with legendary rock photographer Andrew Stuart.

In case you didn’t know, allow us to reiterate. Mundane Mag has an official clothing line. Just like this publication was born to highlight the most edgy and eccentric artists in the world, our fashion brand is here to scout and showcase the most unique designers and artisans in the world.

Our latest drop is an attempt to combine our love for high end artisan reconstruction and upcycling with streetwear style and lifestyle.

We decided to focus on tees and hoodies, a streetwear classic, and apply our artisan touch on them with our deconstructed bandana, slight painting and ripping.

We call this drop “High On The Street (wear) ” because its essence is to create something raw and edgy and mix it with high end fashion and premium craftsmanship. This drop was entirely designed and produced in Italy by one of our main designers Jacopo Peca aka JP Custom Clothing.

The pillars of our brands are uniqueness and exclusivity.

Repurposing involves craftsmanship for us. That’s how we’re different! We built an archive of rare and limited edition denim pieces spanning from the 60s to the early 2000s. 

When we pull from it, we end up not only with a brand new piece but also with an already limited and exclusive piece. We then apply our artisan touch to it and give it a whole new life through handmade ripping, embroidery, patchwork and more.

The end result is a unique, limited and exclusive garment that is in its very essence sustainable and high end.

For this project we partnered up with legendary LA photographer Andrew Stuart.

Andrew Stuart has worked with top notch artists like Foo Fighters, Slayer, Kat Von D and much more. With this editorial we wanted to perfectly portray our punk and rebellious attitude and highlight how strongly we feel about wanting to be more than just a clothing brand. We had a quick chat with Andrew so we could get to know him a little better.

Craziest or most memorable tour story?

One time one of the slayer guys and I “borrowed” a rowboat in Tokyo in the middle of the night, unchained it and carried it right by the boathouse worker who didn’t even look up from his tv, a great way to see the city but I don’t recommend it. Honestly though just getting to work with some of my childhood hero musicians, making friends and getting to travel the world is what’s most memorable for me! 

What are your thoughts on Mundane and the apparel?

I love that so many of Mundane pieces are hand done and one of a kind. As someone who loves to work with my hands, building things, playing music etc. I always appreciate and love to support any artistic creations. 

How was it to shoot a fashion editorial compared to your usual work?

Dead opposite. That’s what I like about it, usually I try to be invisible, documenting moments that happen once, and usually I’m way deep into my clients personal space, like shooting photos in a recording studio for example. I typically don’t work with strobe lighting, or direct models, so it’s great to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to direct and to have opportunities to play with light etc.

Who was the most inspirational photographer or artist for you?

This constantly changes and evolves, I’m constantly inspired by different music, musicians, photographers, some are pros, some I’m lucky to have as friends and peers. Mary Ellen Mark is one photographer who has definitely inspired my documentary work.

If you could pick any artist ever, who would want to shoot? 


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