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Author: Mundane - 2021




Who are you?

My name is Severine Keimig. I was born in Germany, where I was scouted by a photographer in 2014. I have been working full time as a fashion model for over 5 years now. As part of my journey, I spent a year traveling around the world (2017-2018). On this trip I discovered a new form of living by using the law of attraction in my daily life. This was inspired by several spiritual teachers and me reading an endless amount of books on self-reflection and self-development during my journey. This most likely led me to my dream destination (in a subconscious way) – New York City, where I’m now living a truly happier and more fulfilled life with much higher standards. I believe that all of us are capable of attracting all the good we need in abundance. It’s all about the mindset. That visualization and manifestation really proved its way by me establishing my first own company called ABUNDANCE LIFE LEAGUE in January this year. I am currently working on publishing a guided journal focusing on Mind, Body and Wealth. My mission is to help people find their inner- and outer balance in life while encouraging them to reach their goals. The product launch is about to happen and with it I am beyond excited that I’ll eventually have a positive impact on other people’s lives by helping them live up to their ultimate dreams. 

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

I was still working at a real estate company when I first got scouted by a photographer in the streets of Munich. I did my first test shoot and it all went from there. After I got signed and modeling picked up quickly I decided to quit my job and move to Milan to model full time.

Why do you model? Is there something that inspires you particularly?

The creative part and the diversity of the job is what inspires me daily. Being able to meet new people and dive into different cultures is a big plus for me as it generally helps me to develop myself and grow. It also inspires me, which on the other hand enhances my creativity, making me feel accomplished to bring up and put in my own ideas on set whenever I can. 

What is your favorite part about your job?

Being able to travel and meet new people around the world. 

What is your least favorite part about the fashion/entertainment industry today?

The negative mental impact it can have on models in terms of body image due to rules and habits supporting eating disorders or distorted self images, whereas I appreciate seeing the new change happening in the world – accepting more diversity and embracing all body types.  

What would you change in the fashion scene today?

I would push for more education on self-love and -acceptance, give moral and mental support for aspiring young models entering the industry, teach them how to deal with rejection and how to learn to love and embrace their uniqueness while representing themselves in a confident way towards casting directors.  

What is your advice for young creatives and artists? 

Learn how to love and embrace your flaws, as they are what makes you unique. No one can be you and that is your superpower. Stop comparing yourself to others in general and try to feel inspired and motivated by someone you admire instead of being intimidated. You are powerful.  

Tell us about your company. What made you want to start it?  

It all started with me journaling around 10 years ago. Once I figured that the things I wrote down on a piece of paper are appearing in my life in a real way, I used the law of attraction towards my advantage. I have been writing in my daily gratitude journal for around 10 years now, looking back at it I am now truly overwhelmed by the fact that all things that seemed even far from reachable are now my living present. Life is simple, it’s like a warehouse, go and grab what you want as there is enough for everyone in this world. “If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hands.” This whole process made me realize that it really works and made me have a motivational impact on my friends and family to do the same. Wanting to share this knowledge not only with my loved ones but the whole world is what made me build my company. The general vision behind Abundance Life League is building a lifestyle company (community) that encourages people to live happier and more fulfilled lives by finding the right balance in their daily lives within their Mind, Body and Wealth. Goal of the guided journal is to encourage the reader with building and establishing new habits while supporting them by reaching their personal goals through daily self reflection. My ambition on social media is to build ALL as a self-improvement platform providing daily motivation targeting a positive and successful mindset, teaching the basics about inner- and outer reflection for more self awareness and showing statistics about the positive impact of journaling in general. 

What are the best 3 ways to style a luxury tee and a sleeveless up-cycled denim jacket in your opinion?  

1. Keep it simple but style it with high quality accessories like a designer statement bag. My choice in this case would be the classic Chanel flap bag way 2. Go all denim with a pair of relaxed dad jeans. 3. Make it pop with color by combining it with a pair of extraordinary boots or kicks.

What are your plans for the near future? 

My plans for the future are still being representative in the modeling industry but putting my main focus on helping people live a more fulfilled life with the influence of Abundance Life League and me sharing my knowledge as a motivational speaker and mental health coach.

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